Thursday, January 20, 2011

Some Sketchy Stuff

 I've been slowly going through Mark Kennedy's blog, Temple of the Seven Golden Camels, and in March/April of 2007 he posted some really good stuff on sketchbooks.  I would definitely recommend checking it out (honestly, the entire blog is full of awesome stuff).  There are links to those specific posts down at the bottom.

 One part that I thought was really cool from what he says is this little paragraph: 

"Any real sketchbook is full of misfires, false starts and stumbles, with a few successes sprinkled here and there. If you were capable of doing a perfect drawing every time, you wouldn't need to carry a sketchbook! But the quickest way to learn how to do perfect drawings is to do a lot of crappy ones first...and learn from them. "

There have definitely been times where I have been hesitant to whip out my sketchbook because I didn't think the end product would be up to par.  But that's silly.  That's like saying that I want to learn how to play the guitar, but I'm not good enough to practice yet.

So yeah...with all that being said, here's some random stuff from my sketchbook:

This guy was really cool looking.  I don't think I ever quite captured him, but I sure tried!

I draw way too many floating heads.  MORE FULL BODY GESTURES!!

New Year's Resolution # 672: I will not let fear nor pride get in the way of sketching!


  1. Nice sketches! Fear is a horrible thing, I always like to look back on how horrible I was and think that I never would have got any better if I didn't just draw!

  2. Thanks, Freckles! I agree, fear can be a terrible, crippling thing that can really put a person in bondage. It's important we are not controlled by it!

    And looking back on how bad I was is one of my favorite things to do too. :) It can certainly be a healthy dose of encouragement!